Inner doors (revolving, sliding and swinging doors)

The JB DOOR concepts of Beddeleem excel in fast assembly, neat finishing details, flexibility and personalisation possibilities. They are also available in fire resistant, intrusion resistant and acoustic versions.

Easy mounting

JB DOOR door assemblies are dry finishing systems with a limited number of components, allowing them to be installed quickly and cleanly without the use of specialised tools. They can be delivered ready to use at a later stage of the building process.

The design is characterized by straight, tight corners.

The JB DOOR concepts can be used in all utility buildings and are ideal for closing off passages in various fixed wall types. Hinged doors, sliding doors as well as swing doors are part of the range.

Wooden and metal frames in combination with different types of door leaves

Various materials (metal, plywood, solid wood) are combined with different types of door leaves (wood, glass, aluminium glazed) and seamlessly combine numerous techniques and fittings.

Brandwerend akoestisch deurgeheel
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