Client: Buildings Agency for FPS Mobility & Transport
Architect: Architectslab
Location: Brussels
Budget: 5.2 mio €
Year of completion: 2013 - 2017 (2 stages)


Design & Build project in partnership with Architectslab with 750 flex workplaces according to the principle of the New Way of Work

False ceilings (plasterboard, metal and mineral fibre), plasterboard partitions, relocatable partitions (JB 2000, JB Fireglass), JB DOOR units, raised floors, floor coverings (carpet, vinyl), tiling, painting, demolition work, masonry, made-to-measure furniture (kitchenettes, coffee corners, counters, claustrades), electricity and datacabling, HVAC, plumbing, access control, fire protection, coordination of works

Used products

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