Did you know that Beddeleem can also be your partner for all your fit-out requirements?  This means that as well as finishing the building with a wide choice of ceiling and wall systems, we can also take care of the coordination of the different technical elements for you plus the final finish with loose and fixed furniture.

This one-stop shop approach gives you as the customer a whole range of benefits.  You have a single point of contact for the entire project.  So, you don’t need to coordinate anything yourself.

We manage everything and so we can work out all technical nodes ourselves.  This means far fewer unforeseen circumstances when installing on site.

The products can also be matched with one another aesthetically.  After all, many products are developed and manufactured by Beddeleem in-house. Having the same colour paint and a variety of other finishes within your project to name just a couple of examples.  To achieve a great final result!

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