JB 2000

The JB 2000 system is a supermodular system that combines quick installation, thanks to a minimum number of parts, with maximum performance.  It comprises the greatest number of technical solutions and can transfer seamlessly to another wall system or plasterboard wall.

Its timeless appeal continues to ensure its great popularity in our range even now. It has already convinced many customers over the years.


The system is constructed of recessed top and bottom profiles into which steel studs have been fitted. Wood or steel panels can be attached to these studs. This makes the wall thickness 100 mm.

Fire resistance

In tests carried out according to the Belgian standard NBN 713-020 and/or the European standards EN 13631, EN 1364-1 and EN 1634-1 JB 2000 can meet the fire performance level of 30 minutes - EI30 and/or 60 minutes - EI60.


The maximum sound insulation value of the wall is 57 dB (Ib). The acoustic performance is represented by the single numerical value according to NBN EN ISO 717-1 and by the class according to NBN S01-400.

Technical elements

An airflow element can be supplied in the wall or above the door assembly, enabling you to provide sufficient ventilation with ease.

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