Client: Buildings Agency for the Federal Public Services BOSA / BELNET / BELSPO
Architect: Buildings Agency
Location: Brussels, WTC III tower
Budget: 12 mio €
Year of completion: 2019


Total fit-out with demolition works, drywalls, ceilings, raised floors, mobile panel walls, automatic sliding doors, speedlanes, 4,500 m² painting works, 30,000 m² floor coverings (carpet, vinyl and stone carpet), electricity, datacabling, HVAC, sanitary, coordination of the technical works.

Partitions - Ceilings - Doors - Furniture 

8,600 m² JB 2000 and JB 4000 relocatable partitions, 21,000 m² JB CEILING metal ceilings, JB DOOR units, JB CLAUSTRA, JB LOCKERS, JB CUSTOM reception desks, JB QBE bubbles, kitchenettes, work tables, meeting tables.

Used products

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