Single or double glass partition (wall thickness barely 5 cm)

The JB PURE 50 from Beddeleem is a (single or double) glazed system wall. Slightly narrower than most other walls: pure and compact.

The system partition JB PURE 50 combines both single (ONE) and double (TWO) glazing, has its own door systems and is also compatible with our other relocatable partitions. These versatile features enable the JB PURE 50 wall to adapt to the growing demand for flexible solutions within today's office environments.

Elegant and sophisticated solution

The eccentric arrangement of the glass in the JB PURE 50 ONE ensures a seamless transition to JB PURE 50 TWO. This combination ensures tight corridor walls and also offers advantages in terms of technical requirements (e.g. acoustics) and budget.

Different types of door units provide an extra degree of personalisation according to the customer's dream design.

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