Fire-resistant and smoke-proof glass partition without barriers (compartmentalisation wall)

Elegant glass partition with a fire resistance up to EI 120 minutes.

Compartmentalisation of your building in transparent fire safety zones

With JB FIREGLASS from Beddeleem, the openness of the building is respected. The transparent modules and door sections of this system make the interior of a building optically larger. At the same time, the system ensures safety because fire safety zones can be organised in the building and suitable escape routes for the evacuation of persons are guaranteed.

Choice between 3 types

You have a choice of 3 types for demarcating fire-safe zones and evacuation routes. For the partitions you can choose between EI30, EI60 and EI120. For the doors, you can choose between EI130 and EI160.

Brandwerende systeemwand JB FIREGLASS
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