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Vertical integration and digitalisation

Beddeleem already works in a highly digitalised and automated way and is taking steps towards further digitalisation. There is a great link between drawing office, study office, production preparatory work and our advanced machinery. We can extend that link in the preliminary design phase to your project as well.


There is no single definition of BIM. To some, it stands for "Building Information Modelling" (creating digital building models), to others for "Building Information Model" (the building information model). But it also increasingly stands for "Building Information Management" (managing and exchanging the information). BIM can be used in the various phases of a construction project (quotation and ordering, site preparation, procurement, execution, post-project follow-up).

Beddeleem provides BIM models of all products and systems

Beddeleem is happy to help you realise your BIM project. We provide BIM models of all our products and systems, which you can integrate. If necessary, our experts can also work on the general BIM model of your specific construction project themselves.


Collaboration in the design phase allows better preparation of the project which also leads to error reduction in production and site phases, and this in turn leads to less waste and lower ecological impact. It also ensures time savings and cost efficiency.

Circular economy - Materials database

From a BIM model, the transition to a materials database is small. By digitalising and linking projects via a materials database, we can work together to create a circular future for the construction sector. Later, when the building is refurbished or demolished, the reusable materials can be identified and inventoried.

Beddeleem entered into a partnership with Madaster Max for this purpose. Read more about it below.


Circular construction is the future of our business. Materials databases are an important link in this.

Beddeleem is a Class 8 contracting company specialising in the office market and we are also a manufacturer-installer of our own JB system walls, interior doors, climate ceilings and office furniture, among others.


These are all products that can be perfectly applied in a circular construction model. Our core product, the Beddeleem relocatable partition, is a product designed from the start to be circularly reusable. It is modular, dismountable, repositionable and there is even the possibility of upgrading performance. We have more than 30 years of experience in this.

Our other products also fit into this philosophy.

Circular economy

We became a Madaster Max partner because we want to facilitate the reuse of our systems even more. Through our after-sales service, we are already often going to reuse, modify or repurpose partitions with existing customers within their own patrimony. So we have the knowledge and know-how to put that puzzle together.

Too few products change hands and a materials database is the missing link. Our hope for Madaster Belgium is that this will become the overview tool to speed up the exchange of building materials and thus also extend the actual lifespan of our products.

Working together for a sustainable working environment

In addition, as a contractor and manufacturer, we also want to be a partner and point of contact through Madaster Max for architects and building owners who are committed to a sustainable office environment with us. Here, Madaster will help examine the circularity index and environmental impact of elements and material choices.

Since mid-2022, our first wall systems with underlying material info and circularity index have been available in our database on the Madaster platform. This will be systematically supplemented. If your project uses systems other than the ones already listed, do not hesitate to contact us.

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