First CO2-Neutral building company

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is once again sounding the alarm in its sixth assessment report. Human activities are at the root of the extremely rapid climate change.

Beddeleem has been taking its responsibility for years in the area of sustainable business.

We have introduced the ISO14001 environmental management system since 2011 and we continue to make every effort to minimise the environmental impact of our activities, products and services:

efficient use of raw materials, auxiliary materials and energy in the production processes, optimal use of PEFC and FSC® certified wood, use of recycled aluminium, avoidance of the use of volatile organic substances, sustainable generation of energy by means of our own solar panels in order to supply our own electricity, optimisation of the heating installation, self-purification of the process water by means of a water purification installation, maximum sorting of the various waste flows with a view to recycling and reuse of materials, greening of our vehicle fleet, a range of C2C®-certified products, etc.

All these efforts have led to the award of the CO2 NEUTRAL COMPANY certificate by Vinçotte.

This label guarantees that we actively calculate, reduce and compensate for our local and global climate impact.

Contrary to the practices of "greenwashing", this label could only be obtained thanks to our serious climate efforts.


Tree planting project to preserve the forests in the Sierra del Lacandon national park in Guatemala

Through the planting of new trees, Beddeleem provides forest conservation and support to indigenous communities in the Sierra del Lacandon national park in Guatemala.

          -  Stronger local governance
          -  Reduction of illegal practices (hunting and logging)
          -  Assurance of the legality of land use rights
          -  Empowerment of women
          -  Preservation of ecosystems
          -  Protection of the environmental functions of the forest
          -  Reforestation and reduction of deforestation
          -  Supporting biodiversity and endangered species
          -  Protection of cultural and archaeological value of the forest

Beddeleem, leader for a greener world

Beddeleem, leader for a greener world

Beddeleem even goes for climate positive!

However, we go beyond our climate neutral story and go for climate positive by giving back more than we emit.

Beddeleem is a partner of Go Forest, which carries out reforestation and agroforestry projects in order to reforest deforested areas and plant trees that support the local populations in their livelihoods and create additional jobs.

Together for a greener planet, for restoring biodiversity and for slowing down climate change.





Through Go Forest, we have started to compensate for the use of bamboo in the production of our JB WOOD BAMBOO partitions. For the PWC HQ in Diegem, for every m² of partition produced, we have planted 1 bamboo in the Amazon rainforest (Madre de Dios) in Peru. Planting trees there has positive effects on the climate, biodiversity and creates jobs.

Follow our project via this link


Our Madre de Dios forest in Peru

Agroforestry focuses on a high diversity of indigenous trees at the planting site. Moreover, forestry also refers to trees that become productive as income-generating elements in the local economy.

The trees are planted by small farmers and indigenous communities in the tropics for maximum social impact. The partner farmers are part of a growing chain of companies implementing strategies that work to restore the Amazon while improving livelihoods for families and communities.

The approach focuses on linking activities to the production of non-timber forest products that lead to a better life. The programme provides seedling distribution and training and connects farmers to markets throughout the Peruvian Amazon. It thus helps to establish robust regenerative supply chains. 

The Amazon Regeneration programme makes reforestation tangible. Each year, farmers, institutions, visitors and students are invited to see agroforestry live at the reforestation centre. 


Beddeleem supports local initiatives through Go Forest


Read more about GO FOREST

"Don't cut the tree that shades you"
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