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A partner for a single product or the point of contact for the total fit-out of your project.  Beddeleem is your specialist in the field.

As a company, we have a deep-rooted mission to create functional, sustainable and pleasant workplaces. In every project, we strive to achieve the optimal balance between functionality, sustainability and aesthetics. We believe that a well-designed and comfortable working environment has a positive impact on employee well-being and productivity.

In our project approach, we always respect the values listed below :

B Committed

As a total contractor, we offer you complete unburdening. From concept to completion, we ensure a smooth and careful finishing, allowing you to concentrate on your own core activities. As a manufacturer, we are committed to high-quality solutions using the best available technologies. Our expertise and vertical integration enable us to tackle every aspect of your project, from design to production.
You can count on a future-proof workspace that is perfectly tailored to your needs and that can always grow with your business.

B Respectful

Respectful treatment of our customers, our employees and our business partners is essential for building a successful and sustainable business. Our professional approach ensures open communication and close cooperation. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We consider sustainability improvements in every project. After implementation, we continue to support you through our After-Sales Service that maintains your work environment and adapts it to any changes in your organisation's needs and requirements. We are always there for you.


B Innovative

We are committed to continuously pushing boundaries and shaping the future of the construction industry with innovative solutions that benefit both our customers and the environment. We combine technical progress with a strong focus on reducing our environmental impact. In product development, we think about the entire life cycle and implement high-quality solutions using the most advanced technologies. Our innovative approach ensures the efficient implementation of your project and guarantees sustainable and future-proof results.

B Together

We believe in cooperation and building long-term relationships and partnerships. We are ready to understand and meet your needs. Together, we create a unique and successful finishing for your project. Our involvement starts with the preliminary study. The Sales Department is assisted by in-house Study and R&D Departments. When a project is assigned, our Study Department draws up detailed implementation plans and our R&D Department ensures that project-specific solutions are worked out down to the smallest details, always bearing in mind our mission to create a sustainable and pleasant workplace. Our customers also receive professional advice on acoustic insulation, fire resistance, circular solutions and materials.


B Healthy

We value a healthy working environment. With attention to ergonomics and sustainability, we create an inspiring workplace that contributes to the well-being and productivity of all employees. Beddeleem realises the finishing of buildings in a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly setting by applying the most suitable products and techniques that also comply with applicable standards and regulations. Treating and developing our products and materials with respect ensures that we can extend their lifespan, thus contributing to a smarter and more efficient use of materials and, consequently, to a lower ecological impact.



Koen De Block - CEO

Jochen Daneels - CEO

Andy Beirnaert - COO

Patrick Van derBruggen - CFO

Steven Van de Mosselaer - Production Director

Wouter Vermeire - CTO

Marnix Claeys - HR Director


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