Made in Belgium

Many years of experience and extensive and advanced production facilities are just a few of the key aspects which make our business what it is today, one of the greatest specialists in the field of made-to-measure and custom projects in Belgium.

By manufacturing the products in-house, Beddeleem guarantees the best product at the lowest price.

Made-to-measure and custom projects or technical nodes are worked out and created under our own management.  This means all components are perfectly coordinated with one another and many issues have already been resolved before they arrive on site.

Advanced production facilities

Beddeleem also attaches importance to investing continuously in extensive and advanced production facilities. These production facilities include computer-controlled carpentry departments (aluminium, wood), extensive and advanced metal processing and panel departments with automated warehouse and the option for laser edges.   Powder coating also is an option.


In order to support proper implementation Beddeleem has storage space of 9.600 m², in addition to its own vehicle fleet.

This enables us to have the most common products on site within 24 hours upon request, a factor that facilitates quality and speed of execution.

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