• Beddeleem als totale afbouwpartner


    Fit-out with or without coordination of technical installations.

    Beddeleem - your partner for all your fit-out requirements.

  • verplaatsbare systeemwanden


    Beddeleem installs fixed plasterboard walls and moveable system walls.

    An in-house range of different types of system walls is available.

  • een breed aanbod aan merken en systemen


    A wide selection of brands and systems.

    Here too, Beddeleem has translated its craftsmanship and know-how into some of its own ceiling systems.

  • deurgehelen


    JB DOOR door assemblies are characterised by quick and dry installation.

    An extensive range of finishing options, features and fittings form the basis.

  • de final touch aan uw kantoorruimte


    Furniture provides the ‘final touch’ to your office space.

    In addition to the entire fit-out, it is the furniture that determines the experience and perception of your office in particular.


    New - JB PURE 100

    Transparency without compromising on comfort, i.e., a glass wall of 49dB.

    JB PURE 100 is a double glazed glass wall with a thickness of 100 mm.  The used aluminium profiles make a sleek impression but still accommodate the necessary building tolerances.

    JB PURE 100 provides an answer to current acoustic requirements in the office world and does so brilliantly.

    Product material
    Product properties

    Project highlight

    Puilaetco Bluepoint Liège

    Client: Colliers International Belgium nv voor Puilaetco Dewaay
    Architect: Colliers International
    Location: Luik

    partitions - Ceilings - Doors - Furniture - Fit-out

    The new way of working with the JB QBE bubble, with a combination of the single-glazed JB PURE 50 partition and the JB 2000 full padded partition.

    The space is further arranged with the JB 2000 full-wood partition and the JB 4000 single glass partition.

    Custom-made furniture in combination with JB STORE cupboard units and other customised interior finishing.

    Total fit-out with raised floors, doors, paintwork and ceilings.

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