New - JB PURE 100

Transparency without compromising on comfort, i.e., a glass wall of 49dB.

JB PURE 100 is a double glazed glass wall with a thickness of 100 mm.  The used aluminium profiles make a sleek impression but still accommodate the necessary building tolerances.

JB PURE 100 provides an answer to current acoustic requirements in the office world and does so brilliantly.

Product material
Product properties

Project highlight


Client : Storm Management
Architect : Procos
Location : Berchem

Relocatable partitions JB 4000 en JB 2000 - Plasterboard walls - Floor coverings : raised floors + carpet & vinyl - Painting works - Ceiling islands - Desks, cabinets and chairs - Acoustic partitions vilt/tissue - Made to measure - Electricity - HVAC

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