Complete box with partition walls, ceiling, ventilation and furniture

In need of a quiet work or meeting place within the 'new way of working'? With JB QBE we offer you the solution. Whether it concerns an isolated workplace, a brainstorm room or a conference room, the JB QBE 'bubble' offers the desired level of privacy in an open office landscape. 

The JB QBE from Beddeleem is excellently suited for the creation of small separated spaces in landscape offices where privacy is desired. It is a stand-alone and complete box with walls, ceiling, ventilation and furniture, which can be used to create a 'bubble' or enclosed space in a larger space or office landscape.

Within the 'new way of working' and new developments in architecture (think of ever higher spaces) independent modules can offer advantages.

For privacy or separation

Today's office landscape requires specific, adapted products. The JB QBE system offers a solution for small meeting rooms, brainstorming rooms and various other applications where a certain form of privacy or separation is desired ('box in box' or 'cubicles').

Modular, flexible and compatible

The JB QBE system is modular and also flexible in terms of finish. For example, the system is compatible with all our partition and ceiling systems, so that our room-in-room concept can be perfectly matched to your overall project.

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