CLASSIFIED CYCLING | Chocolate factory

Client : Classified Cycling
Architect : Gestalt Architecten
Location : Antwerp
Year of completion : 2022

Classified Cycling moved into the beautifully renovated chocolate factory on the Dam Square in Antwerp.

As a manufacturer in the bicycle industry, sustainability is in the corporate culture of this scale-up. Therefore, for the furnishing of their offices, Classified Cycling consciously opted for the Beddeleem Circular range. The JB FRAME glass walls and doors used come from urban mining and were thus given a second life, significantly reducing the ecological impact of the project.

Because of the high ceiling height, the JB QBE box-in-box system is the ideal solution for the closed-off rooms. These freestanding, complete boxes with walls, ceiling and ventilation are highly suitable as "bubbles" in the large open spaces in the former chocolate factory.
In the context of circularity and sustainability, these can also be easily dismantled and reused later at other locations, either in their entirety or broken down into parts.

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