Various factors are decisive for the satisfaction and performance of people who work in and use offices and public spaces. Air hygiene and climate conditions play a very important role.

The JB COOL® climate ceiling from Beddeleem actively contributes to creating the ideal space with the highest possible level of comfort. It also plays a substantial role in reducing the energy bill.


Suspended steel ceiling tiles or plasterboard on a steel support structure.  A cooling element is attached to the ceiling tiles which gives the ceiling a cooling capacity.

Fire stability

In tests carried out according to the Belgian standard NBN 713-020 under supporting structure, JB COOL meets the fire stability level of 30 minutes according to NBN 713.020


Cooling capacity metal: 80 to 95 W/m² according to EN 14240
Cooling capacity plaster: 70 to 75 W/m² according to EN 14240

Heating capacity metal and plaster: 90 to 104 W/m² according to EN 14037

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