Multinational law firm

Architect : Colliers
Location : Brussels
Year of completion : 09/2020 - 01/2021

Beddeleem has carefully carried out the total finishing of the offices for this renowned law firm.

A total of 3 floors in the new Tweed office building in Brussels were completely furnished with JB PURE 100 relocatable partitions in combination with plasterboard partitions. The entrance areas were equipped with double doors in JB FIREGLASS partitions. JB ABSORB WALL partitions with Kwadrat upholstered panels provide the necessary acoustics.

In addition, Beddeleem also provided interior joinery with special wall connections, an impressive staircase and JB DOOR block and hide door assemblies, 3.200 m² of floor coverings with carpet, vinyl and special magnetic parquet and 5.000 m² of painting works.


Used products

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