Double glass partition in frame

The JB FRAME relocatable partition wall of Beddeleem is a modulated, storey-high wall with a steel structure and glass in an aluminium frame.

Easily movable and can be transformed into a full partition

The system wall JB FRAME is a glass partition that is compatible with the full partition system JB 2000. The wall consists of 2-shell window frame modules which allow the wall to be easily installed and reinstalled in a minimum of time and without specialised tools.


Its modularity makes the JB FRAME system a solid all-rounder in terms of aesthetics and technical performance.

For example, the system is available in different glass thicknesses, different fire resistance classes and horizontal stores can be installed in the wall.

The relocatable partition wall can be used in all utility buildings and is ideal for partitioning in office buildings.


Dubbele glaswand
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