Client testimonial 'Baker Tilly'

Peter Weyers from Baker Tilly: “Open cooperation and a high quality result from Beddeleem”

Peter Weyers, Partner and Managing Director of Baker Tilly Belgium: “Baker Tilly purchased its new office building in Melle as a shell. We entrusted the entire coordination and fit out – with partition walls, ceiling, doors and furniture – to Beddeleem. I had seen a lot of their projects, and their approach to office space appealed to me. Our cooperation has taken place in a great spirit of openness. Beddeleem paid a great deal of attention to thorough preparation and continuous monitoring of the project. The work of all the suppliers was subject to constant quality control, and any unforeseen problems were resolved without argument. From building shell to delivery, Beddeleem coordinated everything. We also had the option to choose the materials and furniture at their showroom in Brussels, and they helped us make the right choices. The result: modern and beautifully fitted out offices.”

Hendrik Daneels from Beddeleem: “Beyond partition walls: a full service fit out company”

“For more than 60 years, Beddeleem has specialised in the design, production and installation of JB® partition walls, plasterboard, and a variety of ceilings, including the JB® COOL climate ceiling. When it comes to these activities, Beddeleem remains one of the biggest players in the market. Having gradually expanded its activities in response to market demand, to include the complete fit out of buildings, the company has now evolved into a general fit out contractor. The range has been expanded to include features such as interior doors with steel frames, raised floors, flooring, coordination of technologies, office furniture and customised solutions. If the client wishes to entrust the design of their office layout to us as well, that’s something we will do. Advice about sound insulation, fire resistance, colour and design are some of the options. The new Baker Tilly offices in Melle are a fine example of such a cooperation.”

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