European Parliament - Konrad Adenauer

Client : European Parliament
Location : Luxemburg - Plateau Kirchberg
Budget : 13 mio €
Period of completion : 02/2019 - 02/2021

This building project is intended to regroup the functions of the Secretariat General of the European Parliament, currently housed in different buildings, in a single geographical location, the Avenue Kennedy in Luxembourg-Kirchberg. For this purpose, the Konrad Adenauer building, which is at the heart of the project, will be extended and upgraded.

With a total surface area of 250,000 m², the new complex will house 3,000 offices, 10 meeting rooms and 4 videoconference rooms.

Beddeleem supplies and installs 14,000 m² of JB PURE 100 movable partitions and 1,600 glass doors, 17,000 m² of JB 2000 movable partitions and solid doors and 1,000 noiceabsorbing elements.

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