Seating furniture

Sitting is the least ergonomic position a person can adopt. Beddeleem also encourages people to deal with the subject of sitting differently in an office environment. For good sitting comfort, it is best to change your position regularly: sitting, standing, moving, ...

Healthy sitting

Beddeleem opts for a dynamic environment, where you can work alternately standing or sitting, where you need to take a short walk to reach the printer or the coffee corner.

When you furnish workplaces, meeting rooms, lounge areas where the subject of SIT inevitably arises, Beddeleem will look for the best solution for you to approach the healthiest possible way of sitting. Beddeleem cooperates with permanent partners and major brands.

Extensive contemporary range

The SIT range of Beddeleem is an extensive contemporary range of seating for your working environment : chairs, waiting furniture, office chairs, sofas, chairs, ...
Visit our showroom in Groot-Bijgaarden for the necessary inspiration.

dynamisch zitcomfort met de SIT-collectie van Beddeleem
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