Ceiling systems offer a host of benefits for the integration of technical elements into a utility building.

The use of ceiling tiles and corresponding mounting and/or Bandraster mean an almost unlimited architectural freedom in design: tailor-made design of ceiling modulation, panel dimensions, colours, perforations, and monolithic ceiling view possible.

In addition, these ceiling systems are especially suitable in combination with all JB® wall systems.


Steel self-supporting tiles on a steel support structure. This support structure is key to the system.  As far as JB CEILING is concerned, options include a C or Omega Bandraster.  Systems without visible Bandraster, the J system, are available too.

Fire stability

In tests carried out according to the Belgian standard NBN 713-020 under supporting structure, the JB CEILING ceiling systems meet the fire stability level of 30 minutes according to NBN 713.020

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