JB 4000

Simplicity and transparency are the two key words that characterise our JB 4000 wall system.

The JB 4000 system delivers with its sleek lines and pure transitions. The transparent nature ensures the necessary barriers without compromising on architectural freedom, style and technical performance.

Various options for door assemblies offer unique possibilities and ensure that the system wall conforms to the dream design of the customer and not vice versa.

The JB 4000 system can be combined perfectly with the JB 2000 system and its many variants. This means that technical nodes can be integrated flawlessly without compromising on the aesthetics. The system can also be combined perfectly with plasterboard systems thanks to the transition profile we have developed. This provides a seamless and sleek transition.


The system is characterised by a continuous aluminium bottom and top profile, section 34x50 mm (wxh) or 34x30 mm (apart from in JB 4000 XL), with a sustainable powder coating. By using a clip profile the glass is protected.

Fire resistance

The wall has a fire resistance EI00 but can be combined with the JB 2000 wall system (EI30, EI60).


The maximum sound insulation value of the wall is 41dB (IIb). The acoustic performance is represented by the single numerical value according to NBN EN ISO 717-1 and by the class according to NBN S01-400.

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