Beddeleem is the first Belgian construction company with "CO2-Neutral®" certificate”

Beddeleem is the first Belgian construction company to receive the "CO2-Neutral company" certificate from CO2logic, with validation by Vinçotte. The finishing construction company from Nazareth/Deinze has been taking its responsibility for years in terms of sustainable business and environmental efforts. This has now led to the award of the 'CO2-Neutral®' certificate. This label guarantees that Beddeleem calculates, reduces and offsets its climate impact. Contrary to the practices of "greenwashing", this label can only be obtained thanks to real climate efforts. Beddeleem, however, goes beyond 'climate neutral' and goes full steam ahead for 'climate positive' by giving back more than it emits.

A whole range of environmental efforts

Koen De Block, co-CEO of Beddeleem: "Human activity is at the root of the extremely rapid climate change. However, we have been taking our responsibility in the area of sustainable business for years. For example, we have introduced the ISO14001 environmental management system since 2011 and we continue to make efforts to minimise the environmental impact of our activities, products and services. Examples are the efficient use of raw materials, auxiliary materials and energy in the production processes, the optimal use of PEFC and FSC® certified wood, the use of recycled aluminium, the avoidance of the use of volatile organic substances, etc. We generate our own sustainable energy by means of solar panels to meet our electricity needs. The heating system has been optimised. We purify the process water ourselves with our water purification plant. The various waste streams are sorted to the maximum extent with a view to recycling and reusing materials. For this purpose, we have had our own container park on our production site for almost 20 years. We are fully committed to circular construction. The greening of our vehicle fleet has been implemented. We have developed a range of 'Cradle to Cradle®' certified products. Thanks to our Cradle-to-Cradle®, FSC® and PEFC certificates, we contribute to the sustainability performance of buildings and help the client to obtain credits for certificates such as BREEAM® and LEED."

Jochen Daneels, Commercial Director (and as of 1 January 2022 also co-CEO) of Beddeleem: "We have recently started supporting a tree planting project to preserve the forests in Guatemala. By planting new trees, Beddeleem is helping to preserve the forest and support the indigenous communities in the Sierra del Lacandon national park in Guatemala. Our positive climate impact during one year in figures: 347,495 trees saved, 1,221 tons of CO2 compensated and 386 hectares protected.

No ‘greenwashing’ but real climate impact

"All these efforts have led to the award of the CO2-Neutral® certificate by CO2logic and Vinçotte. This label guarantees that we actively calculate, reduce and compensate for our local and global climate impact. Not only are the CO2 emissions from production taken into account, but those from the entire business operation. We want to reduce our CO2 emissions as much as possible, and compensate the remaining CO2 emissions with climate protection projects. Contrary to the practices of 'greenwashing', this label can therefore only be obtained thanks to real climate efforts. We want to neutralise our CO2 footprint today instead of passing it on to future generations, emphasises Jochen Daneels.

The CO2-Neutral® label is a certification for the reduction of greenhouse gases associated with business activities. The label is issued by the international climate consultancy CO2logic, the expert in the field of carbon footprinting and achieving CO2 neutrality, and validated by the accredited and independent certification organism Vinçotte. The CO2-Neutral® label complies with the internationally recognised PAS 2060, which sets out the requirements for achieving and demonstrating carbon neutrality.

Climate positive

Jochen Daneels: "However, Beddeleem goes beyond this climate-neutral story and goes for 'climate-positive' by giving back more than we emit. Through Go Forest, we have started to compensate for the use of bamboo in the production of our JB WOOD BAMBOO partitions. For example, for the HQ of PWC in Diegem, for every m² of partition produced, we planted 1 bamboo in the Amazon rainforest (Madre De Dios) in Peru."

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