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    Product properties JB 2000

    The JB 2000 is the most progressive partition wall in the Beddeleem range.

    It is a system partition comprising the largest number of technical solutions.

    The design is characterised by a very austere effect.

    JB 2000 is a relocatable partition system based on 18 mm chipboard or steel covered gypsum board.

    The system has a frame of recessed steel bottom- and top profiles in which steel studs have been placed.

    The Rf00 glass elements are always double-glazed, the Rf30 glass elements are single-glazed.

    All partition elements are fastened to the studs with an invisible hooking system.

    The cavity is filled with rock wool and it provides the required acoustics and fire resistance.

    Thickness of the partition : 100 mm
    Acoustic insulation : up to 51 dB
    Fire resistance : Rf00, Rf30 and Rf60