20 Nov2017

Client testimonial Atradius Credit Insurance

Managing Director Christophe Cherry from credit insurer Atradius on cooperation with Beddeleem: “Beddeleem’s entrepreneurial approach was the decisive factor”

In 2017, credit insurer Atradius moved its Belgian head office and corporate headquarters in Namur to the Avenue Prince de Liège. Christophe Cherry, Managing Director of Atradius Belgium and Luxembourg, called on Beddeleem for the design of the new office walls, doors and custom-made furniture.

Atradius is a specialist in the field of credit insurance, debt collection and suretyship. The international group is present on every continent, with 160 offices in more than 50 countries. 3,700 employees generate sales of more than € 1.8 billion. In 2015, Atradius celebrated its 90th anniversary.

Atradius’ new Belgian head office in Namur accommodates over 280 employees in an area covering 6,000 m².

To complete the building work Beddeleem provided 1,400 m² JB 2000 system walls, including 400 m² glass walls of type JB SKY and JB 4000. In addition, all plasterboard walls and JB DOOR (FIX & BLOK) door units were installed for the showers, the PC room and the conference rooms. Painting the various spaces provided the final touch to the rest of the building.

Custom-made furniture

Beddeleem also supplied quality design furniture made-to-measure: a desk at the entrance, a kitchenette on every floor, and in the cafeteria an industrial kitchen with counter, furniture for cutlery, fridge, etc.

“Great enthusiasm”

Managing Director Christophe Cherry was personally involved in the offices' interior design and, consequently, in cooperation with Beddeleem. “The very first contact with Hendrik Daneels of Beddeleem was excellent. As co-owner, he is a genuine entrepreneur. Right away I sensed the great ambition of Beddeleem. Their enthusiasm for our project was immense. They radiated ‘entrepreneurship’ and this was the decisive factor.”


“Beddeleem’s project manager proved to be a partner who listened to our wishes but also came up with his own ideas. For example, they helped us with the design of the project. They certainly provided added value in terms of the quality custom-made furniture.”


“The quality of the system walls is exceptional. In-house local production in Belgium certainly plays a role in this. The installation went really well too and was on time. I will definitely recommend Beddeleem,” concludes Christophe Cherry.

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30 Oct2017

Client testimonial “Antaxius” – interior architect Steven Mestdagh

Interior architect Steven Mestdagh on working with Beddeleem on the construction project for law firm Antaxius: “With Beddeleem, there are no unpleasant surprises”

Interior designer Steven Mestdagh from Antwerp-based SVR-Architects was responsible for the new construction project for law firm Antaxius. He worked with Beddeleem as a partner for fitting out their new offices with system walls, floors, furniture and sun blinds.

Law firm Antaxius Advocaten specialises in tax law. The Antwerp office was established in 1995 and given its current name in 2002. Its areas of expertise are tax law, corporate law, Mergers & Acquisitions and criminal law (fiscal, financial and economic issues). The office provides advice, conducts arbitration and handles litigation work, in both the administrative and judicial stages, for national courts and for the Court of Justice and the European Union. Antaxius works for companies, business leaders, the self-employed and private individuals.

Attis built with Interbuild Antaxius’ new offices in Antwerp, close to the Palace of Justice: individual offices for 20-30 lawyers and employees, meeting rooms for around 40 people, a custom-made library and a break area with kitchen adjoining the roof terrace.

SVR-Architects of Antwerp was selected for the budget study, project guidance and space planning for the office fit-out and integration of technical installations in the new construction project.

Steven Mestdagh, interior architect, coordinated de techniques and fit-out. He handled everything - the design, plans, specifications and site visits.

Solid approach

“In order to achieve your client's objectives you have to work with reliable suppliers. It is always a quest to find the right partner. You have that kind of reliable partner in Beddeleem and consequently no unpleasant surprises,”  testifies Steven. “Beddeleem was in competition with two other players for this project. They were not the cheapest option but did provide a sound competitive price nonetheless. In the end, their solid approach was the deciding factor. Their products fitted well with the rigorous list of specifications. The quality delivered was as described. There was also excellent cooperation with the project manager.”

For this project, Beddeleem supplied JB PURE glass system walls, raised carpeted floors, furniture, fixed plasterboard walls, sun blinds and the technical installations.

“JB PURE is a great product,” says Steven, “but Beddeleem’s strength lies in furniture as well as system walls and ceilings. This too was subcontracted to Beddeleem because we did not want to involve too many different suppliers and because we wanted to have everything on site quickly.”

Value for money

“We have known each other for 15 years already. So, we have already worked together on other great projects, such as the Queen Mathilde Mother and Child Centre at the University Hospital in Antwerp. Therefore, I know from experience that with Beddeleem you have nothing to worry about. You always get what you expect: value for money,” concludes Steven Mestdagh.

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26 Oct2017

Beddeleem, specialist in made-to-measure and custom projects

‘Mass production’ was replaced by ‘mass customization’ during the crisis. Customers want unique, made-to-measure products, tailored to their own taste and budget. This is more noticeable on the project market than in any other sector. For these projects there is even greater attention on the architectural aspect with site-specific installations.

This customization goes way beyond a bespoke cupboard, and you only need to look at the reference projects such as Oostcampus or recently De Krook, where there has been a tailor-made approach to designing wall units. Not only does this cover the aesthetic appeal but also, for example, things which aid with running company-related applications. The same also applies to tailor-made ceilings, specific materials, …

In addition to a lot of know-how, Beddeleem also attaches importance to investing continuously in extensive and advanced production facilities. Vertical integration not only enables us to handle large-scale projects swiftly. Thanks to our personal approach and our own engineering office we can act quickly and flexibly when it comes to developing customized parts.

Many years of experience and extensive and advanced production facilities are just a few of the key aspects which make our business what it is today, one of the greatest specialists in the field of made-to-measure and custom projects in Belgium.

We are bold enough to make such a claim since no two sites are alike. And yet we can cater to every customer according to their own personal demands and criteria. Our recent customer satisfaction of 83% is also indicative of this.

So, allow us to convince you and challenge us for your next project!

26 Sep2017

Beddeleem offers the solution for maximum comfort

Various factors are decisive for the satisfaction and performance of people who work in and use offices and public spaces. Air hygiene and climate conditions play a very important role.

Companies have everything to gain from an optimally designed and well-equipped workplace. The JB COOL® climate ceiling from Beddeleem actively contributes to creating the ideal space with the highest possible level of comfort. It also plays a substantial role in reducing the energy bill.

The intensive search for alternatives for traditional climate control in offices and public buildings has given rise to a concept that combines several qualities that mark a departure from a number of unpleasant side effects, can easily be built in anywhere and guarantees lower energy consumption.

The JB COOL climate ceiling combines very low energy consumption with a perfectly homogeneous vertical and horizontal temperature distribution, without any annoying perceptible air movements.

It offers a standardized cooling capacity of 80 to 95 W/m² (EN 14240) and has also been tested for fire stability in accordance with the Belgian fire standard NBN 713.020, guaranteeing a stability of 30 minutes.

The concept is further characterised by low installation costs and an almost unlimited architectural freedom of design: available in your choice of ceiling modulation, panel measurements, colours, materials, perforation and integration of technical elements (for example, lighting, loudspeakers, sprinklers, etc.)

Changes to the ceiling are easy to make given the possibility of disassembling the system.  The ceiling can be opened up at any time in order to reach the building’s technical elements without having to turn the system off.

Climate ceilings guarantee maximum comfort, are sustainable and more than ever, ready for the future.

29 Aug2017

Client testimonial from Vermo

“It’s crystal clear for me,” says Vermo’s Carl Moeyaert. “The skilled professionals from Beddeleem are specialists in outfitting. They are experts at their core business. Everything ran efficiently and the end result is frankly stunning, and has an immediate impact on our visitors. I’m really pleased. Thank you for an excellent cooperation!”
When it came to refurbishing their offices, Vermo called on the expertise of Beddeleem. JB CEILING fals ceilings, JB 2000 and JB PURE partition walls, JB DOOR door units and JB STORE cabinets were used, along with office chairs and desks from Beddeleem’s own range. Lastly, Beddeleem took care of the interior woodwork.

“There’s no comparison. We’ve gone from a 1970s building to a light and airy office. The idea of bringing a breath of fresh air to Vermo has been completely successful. Thanks in part to Beddeleem, but also to our fantastic architect Ellemieke Neyt. The comments we’re getting are absolutely amazing. People can’t believe how such a transformation can rejuvenate a company. Everything seems so much bigger in a smaller area. The sense of detail in terms of architecture and design is striking,” Moeyaert continues enthusiastically.

“I’d choose Beddeleem again with no hesitation,” says Carl Moeyaert. “The project leader monitored the site effectively and had good control of his craftsmen. Arrangements were implemented correctly and the timing was adhered to. If minor problems arose, correct action was always taken.”

Going back three generations the family-run Vermo was making parts for the food industry in the West Flanders town of Gits. Today, they are the solid partner of businesses requiring stainless steel structures (drainage, washbasins, tanks, and pipe materials, etc.). Their own engineering and design departments handle customised orders which, since the beginning of 2017, they have been doing in offices refurbished by Beddeleem.

28 Aug2017

Beddeleem, your partner for fit-out projects from start to finish

For many years, Beddeleem has been renowned for its plasterboard applications and ceilings. In the world of outfitting, the company has also established itself as an expert in system walls.
Did you know that Beddeleem can also be your partner for fit-out projects from start to finish? This means that, in addition to finishing the building with a wide choice of ceiling and wall systems, we can also coordinate the different techniques. And, on top of that, we also take care of the end finish, including individual and fixed furniture.

We are a one-stop shop for all your fit-out needs, which gives you – the customer – a wide range of benefits. For example, you have just one contact for the entire process so you don’t have to worry about coordinating things yourself.
We take care of everything so that we can work out all the technical issues and make sure that all the processes and elements fit together perfectly. As such, we run into much fewer unforeseen circumstances when installing the elements on-site.

We can also make sure that all the products match perfectly in terms of design and aesthetics. Many products are developed and produced by Beddeleem themselves. Think about the paint colours and other various finishes for your project. This means that the final product meets the brief perfectly.

But we don’t stop there. Beddeleem also offers an after-sales service. That means you can also count on us for any repairs, extensions or changes.

The Vermo project is a great example of this successful mix. Here, Beddeleem worked in collaboration with the architect and client to deliver and install JB CEILING systems, JB 2000 and JB PURE system walls, JB DOOR FIX door units, JB OFFICE storage solutions and seating as well as the corresponding workspaces.

Check out our other reference projects at and be inspired!

07 Jul2017

Cradle to CradleTM Bronze

Beddeleem achieves its second milestone on the Cradle to Cradle® front.

The JB 2000 METAL, JB FRAME and JB FLUSH relocatable partitions have won Cradle to Cradle™ Bronze. The JB SKY, JB PURE and JB 4000 relocatable partitions already achieved Cradle to CradleTM Silver last year.

Altogether, Beddeleem already has six certified relocatable partitions and they are not stopping at that! New certifications are already in the pipeline." This requires a great deal of commitment from our people and from suppliers, but we are convinced that sustainable business is the future, "says the management.

Cradle to Cradle® is a new business model that aims to design products that are safe and reusable from start to finish.  This calls for a whole new type of collaboration between the supplier, the producer, the user and the installer. Cradle to Cradle® is therefore a strategy for product and process innovation, in which the closure of material cycles is central. It is the challenge to develop products that are safe and healthy for people and the environment and which, after use, can also be completely dismantled into valuable raw materials, or are completely degradable in the biosphere.

Cradle to Cradle® revolves around 5 criteria: healthy materials, reuse of materials, renewable energy, water management and social justice. A score is given for each of these points, and the lowest score is the final score of the product. The scores range from basic through bronze, silver and gold to platinum.

On the reuse of materials, water management and social justice and business ethics, Beddeleem scored silver. And even gold for renewable energy. The decisive factor in Beddeleem's products is the use of healthy materials. And this is also a factor where you mostly depend on suppliers. Beddeleem therefore works together with suppliers whose products are also certified under the Cradle to Cradle® denominator. "In this way, producer and supplier work together for better products".

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23 Jun2017

Europe building

The headquarters of the European Council and the Council of the European Union were recently housed in the new ‘Europe Building’ in Brussels.  The building consists of block A of the magnificent Résidence Palace, and a newly-constructed cube that serves as an atrium.

This cube contains a huge lantern that houses the most emblematic rooms (conference room, press room, etc.), which are characterised by a colour design by Georges Meurant.

Following the collaboration with Interbuild (in consortium as BAM Alliance) for the new NATO headquarters, Beddeleem again worked for the general contractor Interbuild (here in consortium with Jan De Nul) for the Résidence Palace.

Beddeleem was entrusted with an important part of the finishing. More than 3,000 m² of our JB CEILING ceiling systems were installed. In order to further sub-divide the rooms and offices, 3,000 m² of JB 2000 partitioning systems and 39,000 m² of plasterboard partitions and ceilings were placed.

Beddeleem’s top achievement, however, was the construction of 150 interpreter booths, including their acoustic high-performance glazing and the cladding of the steel columns with plaster prefabricated elements,  because these booths and the cladding are designed in the special ‘lantern shape’ across the various floors.  This resulted in 600 unique casings and 150 unique cells with matching radius of curvature.

22 Jun2017

New partition system: JB WOOD

Natural materials create a pleasant atmosphere within the interior.  Products such as wood, for example, also have an ecological and sustainable character.

JB WOOD is a glazed partitioning system with a bamboo profile set.  The layered structure of this type of wood creates a very attractive linear pattern after processing.  Bamboo is also a sustainable alternative for standard hardwoods, as it is one of the fastest growing renewable raw materials in the world, and the stems have a hardness that is comparable, or even better, than oak wood.

The JB WOOD system is available as a single-glazed partitioning system with a slender top and bottom profile, and, as always, with its own door elements and various connections.  The bamboo we select is also FSC certified, and is produced in a CO² neutral manner.

Did you know that Beddeleem is also your perfect partner for producing partitions with native types of woods?  We were recently able to allow our ‘solid oak’ heart to beat, for example, when we provided the layout for the offices of Vandelanotte in Bruges.  We installed our sleek JB 4000 system with a pleasant mix of aluminium profiles and profiles produced in warm European oak.

12 Jun2017

Vandelanotte: "There was a positive vibe."

As an independent accounting and auditing firm with offices in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, Vandelanotte is one of the top 10 offices in our country. Vandelanotte provides consultancy to professionals, companies and family businesses on a daily basis. Employing more than 270 specialised employees, the organisation operates in many sectors, including construction, the transport sector, the medical sector, the not for profit sector and professional service provision, and in the world of start-ups and scale-ups. They have offices in Aalst, Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Kortrijk, Tournai and Zele.

Tom Vynckier is Facilities Manager at the accounting and auditing firm. As Facility Manager, he coordinates the maintenance of the buildings of the various branches. He was responsible for the renovation of the office along the Torhoutse Steenweg in Bruges. “It was a thorough renovation, for which we stripped the entire building. The office was stripped down to the frame, and completely finished by Beddeleem and other suppliers. Beddeleem installed 1,300 m² of ceiling systems, 150 m² of partitions of the JB 4000 type, 250 m² of fixed walls and 25 JB doors,” explains Tom Vynckier.

“I had to apply a lot of pressure in order to complete the project in just a few months. The start was in mid-August, and we were already able to move in on 30 November. Everything was handled smoothly, even after we had to stop the work for one week. The final result was as requested, and I am very pleased with the level of finishing. The problems that always emerge in the course of such a project were properly resolved.”

“The cooperation and communication were also good. I was on the same wavelength as Beddeleem’s people and the sub-contractors. There was a positive vibe,” says Tom Vynckier with a smile.

“In short, good communication, and a good achievement. I have now recommended Beddeleem also to others. And we will also tackle our office in Brussels with Beddeleem.”

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31 May2017

Inauguration new NATO building at the NATO summit May 25, 2017

Beddeleem was the most important finishing company to be active in this project as a supplier and installer of 54,000 m² of removable system walls, 43,500 m² of metal ceilings, 15,000 m² of mineral fibre ceilings, 43,900 m² of plasterboard walls and ceilings, 4,800 interior doors, 18,000 m² of acoustic absorbers, jointing work, edge protection work, etc.

The size of this project, and the associated venture of flexible production, logistics and implementation, together with the thorough safety protocol, was a real challenge for Beddeleem.  We were thereby fortunately able to fall back on our years of experience and a team of motivated employees.

NATO organized an international architecture contest for the design of the new building, and the jury finally chose SOM + Assar. The architects had paid special attention to safety, flexibility, durability, functionality and cost control. For example, the rooms will be modular and adaptable: they can be systematically remodelled or expanded. This will allow a constant response to the changing needs of 4,500 employees.

The new NATO headquarters is located in a 40 hectare area site on the other side of the previous headquarters. There is 250,000 m² of useful area, spread over 8 large wings, 4 smaller wings, a forum area (‘agora’), a convention centre, an information centre and a staff centre (with facilities such as a restaurant, sports and leisure facilities, a bank and boutiques). In view of the function to be performed, a highly secure, imposing, comfortable, functional and state-of-the-art building had to be designed, with high technology communication facilities and techniques. The new NATO headquarters also uses innovative, energy-saving technologies that ensure the long-term sustainability and profitability of the building over the long term.

On behalf of NATO, the Minister of Defence awarded the construction of the new headquarters of NATO to the consortium BAM Alliance, which consists of the general contractors Interbuild, Bam Contractors and Galère.

25 Apr2017


Open architecture and trends in materials use lead project managers to use an abundance of glass.

The JB 4000 wall-high glass partition by Beddeleem is distinguished from other similar partitions by its modularity and mobility,  thanks in part to its intelligent top and bottom profiles and its silver cradle-to-cradleTM certification. 

The top profile is 50 mm high.  Customers have the choice between a bottom profile of 50 or 30 mm.  The glass connection is made of anodised aluminium I-connection profiles, ensuring high-quality appeal and soundproof separation.  Other glass connections may be chosen as options.

At Beddeleem, when we say “wall-high”, we emphasise the “high”.  The JB 4000 system can be used up to a height of 3800 mm, meeting the demand for partitions to define ever larger spaces.

The glass system may be supplemented with a number of door systems, including a wooden door leaf 50 mm thick and an aluminium glass door leaf with sections similar to the door frame.  Both door leaf systems hang along both sides in the same plane as the aluminium door frame.The door frames are designed so that they are aesthetically harmonious with the accepted project requirements.  There are several different options for access control, integrated door closers, hinges and emergency exit doors.  Other doors, such as swing, sliding and fully glazed doors are also available.

These door units can either be wall mounted or surrounded by glass on 3 sides.

The door frames can be equipped with light switches, and other technical details can be concealed by a panel for technics in the same plane as the door units and finished with the same durable powder coating. 

The glass system is compatible with fixed walls thanks to a connection profile specifically developed for this purpose which can be plastered over imperceptibly.  The connection with our full JB 2000 partition wall system is made through an acoustically treated transition with a minimised section. 

The tested JB 4000 simple glass system has a universal design, and its timeless character allows it to harmonise with virtually any interior.

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22 Apr2017


The Royal Decree of 7 December 2016, which was published in the Official Journal on 18 January 2017, has made several changes to the Royal Decree on Basic Fire Standards, both in terms of fire resistance and in terms of the fire reactivity of construction products.

For partitions:

As such, partitions must now be tested according to the European standard in force and receive a classification under EN 13501-1 (-2). As a result, manufacturers must now submit a classification report (instead of a test report) to demonstrate compliance.
Beddeleem has the necessary classification reports at its disposal, for both EI30 and EI60 solid partitions in wood and metal panels.

For false ceilings:

There is an exception to this new legislation for suspended ceilings; the existing 30' classification for stability will remain under NBN 713-020. Beddeleem has this classification at its disposal for its ceiling products.

For fire-resistant door units:

The EN 16034 standard (Pedestrian doorsets, industrial, commercial, garage doors and openable windows – Product standard, performance characteristics – Fire resisting and/or smoke control characteristics) took effect on 1 November 2016 as a harmonised standard. This makes it possible to place fire-resistant door units with a CE mark on the market on the basis of the Construction Products Regulation and the EN 16034 standard.  At the European level, the coexistence period has been set until 1 November 2019. The coexistence period is the period during which fire-resistant door units with no CE mark may still be placed on the market. As a result, fire-resistant door units whose fire resistance has been assessed according to the NBN 713-020 standard and which do not yet have a CE mark may still be placed on the market until 1 November 2019.
However, these door units must still comply with a number of mechanical requirements under the Basic Standards legislation.
To comply with the above, Beddeleem only works with Benor-approved door units.

27 Mar2017

’JB CLAUSTRA’’ wall system: robust appearance, maximum privacy

The current economic situation and the latest trends in the field of work experience and organisation have ensured that the open plan office is still the leading choice in office design.
A frequently occurring phenomenon with this type of layout is the lack of privacy and the associated disadvantages, such as less motivated employees and lower cost effectiveness.

The Beddeleem product range has already provided a number of standard solutions for this.  These include, for example, the JB QBE, a flexible acoustic bubble that creates an enclosed space in an efficient manner.  This is perfect for use as a concentration workplace or meeting space within an open plan office.

We also have our half-height partition version of the JB 2000 system within these standard solutions.  This is a modular wall system with a thickness of 100 mm, which, if desired, can be fitted with glass, full sections, whiteboards and acoustically absorbing panels made from wood, metal and fabric.  A product range that is perfectly suited to confine disturbing noises from copier corners, or to delineate brainstorming units and informal meeting rooms.  Another advantage is that this little brother can be perfectly combined with its high-wall variant, thereby maintaining the uniformity of an overall project.

‘JB CLAUSTRA’ is new within this range of wall systems.  With its natural look, this product line creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere in any interior, characteristics that have become essential in the design of contemporary workplaces.  After all, we all work longer nowadays, and employees place increasingly higher demands on the design of their office, factors that can also play an important role in their choice of an employer. The use of natural materials also creates a durable and timeless touch.
The product consists of wooden beams that are set into a room in a modulated form, standing free or from wall-to-ceiling, and that hinder people from looking in.

As a customer, you have the choice of a standard imitation oak in melamine with a thickness of 30 mm, or you can also opt for a higher quality HPL, with a veneer or solid custom finish.

Would you like to integrate these CLAUSTRA options into a full wall system?  A variant derived from this system is also available as a half-wall, or can be integrated directly into the JB 2000 partition system.  The plenum on the back of the wooden slats is then fitted with acoustically absorbent material, and is given a black, decorative finish.

27 Feb2017

Ode to an all-rounder

The JB 2000 partition wall system had already been developed 17 years ago. Today, this product still goes by the same values we followed back then.  The JB 2000 system is an ultra-modular system that can be installed quickly, thanks to a minimum number of parts combined with maximum performance.

Timeless appeal

Its timeless appeal makes it the high runner of our range even today.  Over the years, many customers, from small SMEs to large organisations such as the NATO and the European institutions, have been won over by our system.

Many shapes

Over the years, many different glass and door solution designs have been added to the full partition wall system.  The JB FRAME, JB FLUSH and JB SKY systems all belong to the same family and can be combined seamlessly.  This means that the partition wall can take on a multitude of shapes, adapting effortlessly to fit the desired look of any project.

The 101 mm thick partition can also be fitted with doors ranging in thickness from 40 mm to 101 mm.  Both can be either glazed or full.

The JB 2000 system offers acoustic absorption of up to 51 dB, and the glazed and full versions have fire resistance classes of EI30 (30 minutes) and EI60 (60 minutes).  As such, the product, the corresponding uniform look and the materials extend throughout a project's entire design.

The partition may be equipped with practical accessories, such as wood or steel shelves, coat racks, nameplates or whiteboards. In many cases, these can be attached “invisibly” using the wall's retracted vertical joints.

With an accompanying cabinet system, be it as high as the wall or another height dictated by your project, the partition wall system is a full-fledged player on the market.

Air transfer

In order to meet today's increasingly strict ventilation standards, the JB 2000 system can be fitted with an air transfer element which can be concealed entirely in the wall or door unit, depending on the type chosen. This element can generate an air flow of 232m³/h per running metre.  The element makes use of the existing differences in air pressure, which may or may not be mechanically controlled.  Our new air transfer elements also meet the strictest acoustic requirements, so they will not detract from the acoustic comfort of your wall or door system!

26 Jan2017

JB PURE – Pure, compact and yet so multi-faceted.

Authentic materials and lots of light are, as before, the cornerstones of a contemporary design. To offer this in an interior setting, Beddeleem developed the JB PURE wall system.

The wall system differs from other glass systems because of its modularity. Indeed, when the product was developed, consideration was given to both the aesthetic and technical aspects.

For example, JB PURE offers users the choice between single and double-sided glazing. When switching between the two options, the wall retains its clean lines. After all, in the single-sided variant, the glass is installed locally. This ensures that the glass along one side (usually the corridor side) is flush with the two-sided glass wall.

This advantage allows the client to use the glass flexibly and sustainably. For example, in places where sound insulation is less of an issue, costs can be cut.

If you opt for the JB PURE system, you are buying one of the most sustainable options on the market. In fact, only recently, JB PURE system received a "SILVER" CRADLE TO CradleTM certificate. This certificate means for our customers that by using our walls with a "LEED" project, they can earn up to two points extra. Also with "BREEAM-NL" projects, extra points can be earned in the chapters "Building materials" and "Informed source of materials" by using Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM products.

The appearance of the wall is determined by the large glass windows with a narrow upper and lower plinth (50 and 30 mm high, respectively). The wall system can consist of a full wooden door panel or with a glazed door panel frame. Due to the 50mm wall thickness, the doors are always flush with the glass walls.

The design of this glazed door panel and the glass wall is the same and also provides the same advantage :  it can be fitted with glass on one or on both sides. This glass wall is, as ever, compatible with our JB 2000 system, which also guarantees a smooth transition to the full wall.

21 Nov2016


Fire resistance in buildings: usually a necessary evil when it comes to aesthetics. A tangle of heavy profiles and dull constructions is more the rule than the exception.

To comply with the statutory building requirements, fire-resistant doors and windows must meet a number of criteria. They must be designed and installed such that in the event of fire they prevent flames and smoke from developing or spreading to other rooms and areas, including those outside the building. They must also make it possible to evacuate users from the building by limiting heat radiation.

Belgium normally applies fire resistance classes EI30 (30 minutes) and EI60 (60 minutes). For smoke density, Class Sm is required under certain circumstances.

Beddeleem already offers a number of door and partition products. For example, there is a fire resistant version of our JB 2000 partition system, supplemented with JB FLUSH window frames (EI30). These window frames hold the glass flush along the outer sides of the partition, combining a smart contemporary appearance with the necessary safety. Beddeleem also offers solutions for smoke-control doors.

However, JB FIREGLASS is an all-new range. This fully glazed glass partition and wall system is built from fire-resistant glass and slim, sleek aluminium profiles, including the door panel. The glass partition comes in two versions. The FRAME type consists of glass panes clamped on all four sides. The CLEAR version has just top and bottom profiles and the glass panes are placed flush with each other without a transition profile. In order of importance, an all-rounder with an aesthetically stunning impact.

Both versions offer a wide range of connections that can be adapted to your project.

Depending on the version you chose, JB FIREGLASS can offer fire resistance up to EI120.

18 Nov2016


Beddeleem fits out new Transport Mervielde office building

Transport Mervielde from Ertvelde in Ghent harbour are a family company specialising in carrying both hazardous and other liquids in road tankers and tank containers. They also offer integrated logistics services for clients in the chemical industry. Mervielde has recently had modern sustainable offices built. Beddeleem fitted the building out with system ceilings, partitions, doors, cabinets, and so on, working together with Studiebureau Vangheluwe from Izegem and interior architect Mieke Verhoest from Staden. Both are particularly happy with their congenial and professional collaboration with Beddeleem. Steven Vangheluwe: “Beddeleem keep the whole process under one roof, and can produce everything in house.” Mieke Verhoest: “Beddeleem can make the perfect high quality products to measure.”

The new Transport Mervielde office building is finished using system ceilings, “JB 2000” partitions, “JB PURE” partitions, fixed plasterboard walls, “JB DOOR FIX” doors, “JB STORE” cabinets, and a range of other fittings made to measure for the customer. Beddeleem’s project leader worked closely with Steven Vangheluwe’s design practice and with architect Mieke Verhoest.

All under one roof

Steven Vangheluwe took up the role of project coordinator: “Previously for a project I worked together with different finishers. There always have to be discussions about who is doing what. Since I’ve been working with Beddeleem, those discussions are a thing of the past.  They deal with everything, follow a strict schedule and produce most things in house. No more time spent waiting for other suppliers. I’m very happy to be working with Beddeleem’s project leader.  He arranges first class communications with everybody involved.  And they supply high quality products with a top standard of finish. The structural work is important, but it is the finish of the offices that everybody sees. That meant that I was able to recommend them to my client Mervielde in complete confidence.” 

Thinking about solutions

Mieke Verhoest (architecture and interior): “Steven Vangheluwe put me in touch with Beddeleem for the Transport Mervielde project. Normally I don’t work on projects of this size. Working with Beddeleem was very professional and congenial. I wasn’t shuttled around between one contact and another.  The project leader thought carefully about solutions that let us achieve the result we wanted. I always had help at hand.  The finishing work on the office, from bare space to fully fitted out, was executed quickly and correctly. And Beddeleem can make the perfect high quality products to measure. I was never short of options.  So I’m more than happy to recommend Beddeleem.”

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26 Oct2016

JB QBE – Space in space

Current ideas about arranging and furnishing office space require suitable products. Open plan offices need a number of enclosed concentration and meeting spaces. New methods of working bring out the same requirements. New architectural developments and trends (thinking about spaces becoming ever higher) mean that free-standing modules can offer benefits in these spaces.
Beddeleem’s JB QBE system offers a solution for small meeting rooms, brainstorming spaces and various other applications that call for a certain degree of privacy.  The system is modular and flexible in the choice of finish.
The JB QBE system is compatible with all our partitions and ceiling. This way our space-within-space concept can be matched perfectly to the finish and materials of your whole project.
The JB QBE can be installed one at a time or as in a cluster.  As a user you can also fit the JB QBE with a ventilation unit and a variety of lighting options.

Engie is already convinced by ‘the new way of working’ and called on Beddeleem to install a number of QBEs during the redevelopment of their offices.  The partition walls were fitted with acoustic insulation elements from our own range.

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25 Oct2016

Dynamic working with the ‘JB DESK 04’ sit and stand desk

It has for some time been common knowledge that not exercising enough brings serious health risks.  What is less well known to the general public is that sitting down for long stretches also poses a risk to your health, regardless of whether you get enough exercise or movement.  In a society where we are increasingly sitting down for long periods, both at work and at home, this is a problem that calls for attention from policy makers, employers, employees and professionals in prevention and care. Sitting down is the new smoking.
Our work in particular, which formerly made a significant contribution to how much exercise we got, has now in many sectors become a source of “exercise poverty”.  In the long term this has costs both in terms of health care and of having less fit and motivated staff. 
To reduce sitting for long periods, there should be short periods of movement that make use of leg muscles.  A first step in understanding better how to deal with our working time is to incorporate enough ‘sit-stops’.  Try to stand upright at least once every half an hour.
As well as this simple procedure we can also adjust behaviour in our work setting by trying to hold meetings standing up, setting up coffee corners with high tables, encouraging the use of stairs, using the second nearest printer and placing waste paper baskets in the furthest corner of the office.
Beddeleem offers ways to take this concept further including the SIT-STAND table range named ‘JB DESK 04’.  These tables meet standard EN 527-1, which primarily means that the user can adjust the height of the working surface between 650 mm and 1250 mm. This makes it possible to work both sitting and standing using the same desk.  The height can be changed at the press of a button (electric adjustment).
The JB DESK 04 program is available in both single and double versions. A range of cable management options suitable for SIT-STAND applications is available.

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29 Sep2016

Beddeleem’s JB 4000, JB SKY and JB PURE system walls: the first in the world to be “Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Silver”

Beddeleem signs up to the “Cradle to Cradle®” vision and scores its first success with JB 4000, JB SKY and JB PURE. These system walls are the first in Europe to be Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Silver. Cradle to Cradle® is a model for designing products so that they are safe and reusable from start to finish.
For our customers, this certificate means that by using our walls they can earn up to two extra points for a LEED project. They can also earn extra credits for BREEAM-NL projects in the ‘Building materials’ and ‘Responsible Sourcing of Materials’ categories   by using Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM products.
Beddeleem is working towards the certification of more products in the future, both by adapting existing products and by incorporating these principles into new product design.

Circular economy

“Waste is food” is the slogan of the Cradle to Cradle® vision, which focuses on the circular economy. Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM is a programme that assesses products and materials with reference to a number of factors: material health, material reutilization, the use of renewable energy, water stewardship and the social fairness and ethics of a business. Each factor is assessed separately and receives an achievement level — Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Safe and reutilisable from start to finish.

Cradle to Cradle® is a new business model that aims to design products so that they are safe and reusable from start to finish. That calls for an entirely new collaboration between supplier, manufacturer, user and processer. Consequently, Cradle to Cradle® is a strategy for product and process innovation in which closing the material cycles is key. The challenge is to develop products that are safe and healthy for people and the environment, and which, at the end of use, can be dismantled into valuable raw materials or that simply break down in the biosphere.
Today’s methods of sustainable product design focus on limiting the harmfulness of the product. Here the product is seen as the chain of development, use and disposal (reuse and landfill). The central idea of the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy is that it should be possible for all the materials used in one product to be usefully put to work in another product, with no adverse effect on quality. This is the cycle referred to by the slogan “waste is food”.
Beddeleem supports this vision and has joined in working towards a circular economy. We aim to produce no waste at the end of a product’s life cycle. In a circular economy, materials either return to nature or are recycled and reutilized in new products. To achieve this, Beddeleem has adopted the ‘Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Product Standard’ in its design process. 
Cradle to Cradle® focuses on the following five criteria.

Material health

A healthy products starts with its basis. So knowing the chemical ingredients of every material is our first concern. Our partition walls make as much use as possible of recycled aluminium and sustainable glass. All the parts in turn are viewed and checked for the addition of harmful substances. Where these are not as they should be, they are replaced with more sustainable alternatives.

Material Reutilization
Our manufacturing and site waste (for example, aluminium) is sorted in our own waste depot and can afterwards be recycled into new base materials. 98% of the powder used in lacquering can be recovered; the remaining 2% gets a new life, and is used inter alia in Gore-Tex clothing. 

Renewable energy 

We are working towards a future in which all manufacturing is powered by 100% clean renewable energy. Beddeleem’s photovoltaic installation delivers some 950,000 kWh annually. Recycled wall panels are processed in a bio power station that provides 51,000 families with green energy every year.

Water stewardship

At Beddeleem we manage clean water as a precious resource and an essential human right. We have our own water purification plant.

Social fairness and business ethics

Products and processes are designed so that the materials remain available for people and their natural environment.

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29 Sep2016

JB OFFICE: Beddeleem for the complete office

JB Office: Beddeleem for the complete office
Beddeleem’s JB OFFICE offers a one-stop-shop opportunity to organise your project from floor to ceiling, from wall to door, from furniture to accessories. Together, step by step, you and Beddeleem can build your ideal office environment.  JB OFFICE applies the WORK.STORE.SIT.FEEL concept: four overarching ideas that guide the whole process.

This covers every form and way of working.  This includes working standing, working sitting, working with concentration, team work, formal and informal meetings, brief discussions and brainstorming.

A tidy, organised working environment. As well as a digital storage space, storage options are needed to provide a place for all your papers and stationary: cupboards, drawer units, storage accessories, etc., and other storage facilities such as lockers, cloakroom cupboards and post-boxes.

In short, your comfort when seated. Beddeleem seeks out the best solutions for sitting in as healthy a fashion as possible.

The experience of your office: it’s atmosphere, decoration and image.

A team with many years’ experience in the sector will guide you through designing a concept that fits with your company’s structure: the experience of your office. In consultation with you, concepts are then transformed into products, colours and materials, taking all your wishes into account.
Along with its own table and cabinet system, Beddeleem works with various partners to provide a full range of products and an optimal price-quality ratio.
As well as standard measurements and finishes, Beddeleem can also provide customised reception desks, cupboards, lockers etc.
In the last phase, Beddeleem takes care of on-site installation and ensures the complete implementation of your project.
The production unit, offices and warehouses at Nazareth were joined last year by a showroom at Groot-Bijgaarden, where customers can experience the JB OFFICE concept for themselves.

29 Sep2016

De Meuter: “Beddeleem honoured the strict deadline”

De Meuter, based in Ternat, is the market leader in earthworks and demolition.  Every day they have some eighty sites in operation, in Belgium and neighbouring countries.  For some years now, De Meuter has focused increasingly on soil decontamination. They have also penetrated the heavy industry sector. Safety, health and the environment are import factors for De Meuter. To fit out their new office building with 1450 m² of system ceilings, system walls (including JB Pure One and Two), JB doors and furniture, De Meuter turned to Beddeleem.  Business owner and director Filip De Meuter of G&A De Meuter NV:  “We are very pleased with our smooth collaboration. They honoured the strict deadline, despite unforeseen events.”  Bart De Vriese, director of De Meuter, monitored the project.  “We’ve had positive responses from our staff and our visitors alike.  We would gladly recommend Beddeleem.”

Bart De Vriese: “Our cooperation with Beddeleem for the renovation works went through the project manager. He was our contact for the choice of materials, the designs and the settlement. A few last-minute adjustments were made to our satisfaction. The installation was professional and orderly. You could tell that there was structure and routine. Small adjustments were conveyed smoothly.”

“Beddeleem’s strengths? They can work to a strict plan, but are still flexible enough to cope with any changes. At any given time the tempo on the site was set by the “Beddeleem motor”. So the planning schedule was maintained. And the quality of the materials must be stressed too. Several parts were manufactured in their own factory,” explains De Vriese.

Completion deadline
“An important condition for awarding the job, along with the price, was the guarantee of a deadline for the completion of the works. Because the company had to be able to move in before the construction industry holiday, that was a strict demand. Beddeleem kept their word.”

“We were left with a very positive impression. Mutual communication was correct and clear. Unforeseen problems were approached through dialogue. The project manager responded quickly. The end result was as expected,” concludes Filip De Meuter.

04 Jun2015

BEDDELEEM @ Facility Night

Beddeleem provided a pop-up co-working space at the 29th edition of the Facility Night at Grand-Bigard.
Together with partner Wilkhahn we wielded the principle "join us, log in and start working," with this we showed all the aspects of what the new working can be.
A beautiful and successful temporary workspace.

02 Jun2015

Winner of the Facility Award 2015 : the Mobi4U project of the Federal Public Service Mobility (City Atrium) !

The 10th edition of the Facility Awards took place on May 12th 2015 in the BIM-building in Brussels. From the 6 nominees, the project Mobi4U of the Federal Public Service Mobility won this prestigious award.

The temporary association Beddeleem-Architectslab realized this "Design & Build" project with Beddeleem via EBA Projects acting as general contractor and project manager and Architectslab as designer.

The entire project included :
  Design (Architectslab)
  Organization and project management
  Techniques (TAC, ITB, Schindler)
  Acoustics (Beddeleem)
  Security coordination (Preventia)
  Fit-out entrance hall and offices :
      Relocatable partitions
      Ceilings and acoustic panels
      Office furniture (Art Nivo & Beddeleem)
      Fixed furniture
      Floor covering and painting
      Electricity, data, access control
      HVAC : adjustments existing facilities
      Reservation system meeting rooms
      Office signs

09 Apr2015


Recently, Beddeleem launched its own JB Office department.
The concept of "one stop shop" offers the Beddeleem client the complete furnishing of its project.
Besides its own production and customized furniture, Beddeleem adds fixed values ​​by working with various partners.
Make an appointment at the new experience office at Groot-Bijgaarden where you will be assisted by a professional team.
Your furnishing, our mission !

Roekhout 19 – b6
1702 Groot-Bijgaarden

10 Mar2014

Barco One Campus

Barco expands its site at the Kennedy Park in Kortrijk where all activities will be centralized. This represents an investment of 50 million euros.

The new main building and the new units will be connected to the existing buildings to form one site of 60,000 m² that will employ 1,500 people.

Jaspers-Eyers | Architects was responsible for the design of the new buildings.

Cordeel nv assigned following works to Beddeleem : 

5,000 m² of JB 2000 relocatable partitions
15,000 m² of false ceilings in mineral fibre
6,000 m² of plasterboard walls
3,000 m² of plasterboard ceilings
600 JB Door doorunits

Planning : 12/2014 – 07/2015

28 Feb2014

Beddeleem cycles against cancer !

From 29th of May until 1st of June, a team of eight staff members of Beddeleem participate in the annual action "De 1000 Km van Kom op tegen Kanker." Each participant will ride 125 km. Each day there will be two stages and each day Mechelen will be the start and finish.

As a dynamic and innovative company in the field of fit-out, we daily face challenges with success. However, the fight against cancer is the greatest challenge. Unfortunately we are all, sooner or later faced with it. By participating in this sports action,  Beddeleem wishes to support research against cancer.

If you would like to sponsor our team, you can make a donation on behalf of "1000 km" : BE14 7331 9999 9983 or 733-1999999-83 with "GIFT" and our team code "170 082 570" as reference.

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13 Sep2013

Beddeleem authorized Vitra dealer

Recently, Beddeleem has become an authorized dealer of the Vitra products.

The signature of this agreement was preceded by a meticulous selection by Vitra based on qualitative and quantitative criteria.

The Vitra products are developed in Switzerland in collaboration with leading designers. Vitra has production sites in Germany, the U.S., China, Japan and Hungary.

Through this partnership Beddeleem offers its customers the opportunity to work with design furniture that, for years and years, appeals to the imagination.

In the future, our JB® partitions and ceilings, combined with Vitra products will transform offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, ... into nice spaces !

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26 Aug2013

Tour Paradis - Liège

Across the esplanade at the new station « Guillemins », a creation of the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, is currently being built the highest tower in Liège (118 m), designed by the architects firm Jaspers-Eyers.
The construction of this new finance center is part of the further development of the Guillemins area which already includes the Parc de la Boverie and Médiacité. The tower will be a landmark along the connection axis between the river and the new station.

The tower of 28 floors has a total surface area of 52,713 m² of which 48,600 m² are intended for :
- 3 underground floors (total of 14,690 m²) with parking for 325 cars, 53 bicycles and archives
- a base of three floors which will host the entrance hall, a front office, a restaurant, training rooms and a loading platform
- offices for 1,300 staff members of the finance services on the higher floors.

From November, 2013 until December, 2014 Beddeleem will supply and install :

14,000 m² of JB 2000 relocatable partitions half of which are Rf30
500 JB 2000 Rf 30 door units
6,500 m² of walls in gypsum board
3,000 m² of false ceilings

14 Jun2013

BEDDELEEM obtains FSC certificate

The Beddeleem Group wishes to minimize the environmental impact of its activities, products and services.

One of the pillars of this is, in addition to the environmental management system (ISO 14001), the maximum use of Sustainable Exploited Wood with the FSC label which guarantees the consumer that the wood has its origin in well managed forests.

The Beddeleem Group made a commitment to introduce a "FSC Chain of Custody" management system in its production facility in Nazareth.

Certificate CTIB-TCHN 1253

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28 Mar2013

New NATO headquarters in Evere

THV BAM Alliance awarded to Beddeleem the contract for the supply and installation of 75,000 m² of JB relocatable partitions at the new headquarters of the NATO in Evere. Currently it is the largest and most prestigious project in Europe.

The new headquarters will be located opposite the existing headquarters, on an estate of 40 hectares. The 250,000 m² usable area will accommodate 4,500 employees.

Besides 120,000 m² of office space, there will also be a conference center with meeting rooms, media and restaurant facilities, a bank, facilities for sports and leisure, technical buildings for energy, warehouses, ...

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27 Nov2012


Mega project !

Beddeleem installs the partitions in the new headquarters of the Federal Police.

A large number of departments that are currently dispersed around Brussels will be centralized in the former State Administrative Centre (RAC) at the foot of the Finance Tower.
About 2,000 police workers, especially the services of the Commissioner-General and the judicial services who will be housed in the building.

Works :
28,000 m² of JB 2000 Rf30 relocatable partitions
1,200 pc of JB 2000 Rf30 doorunits
4,500 m² of security partitions in gypsum board
500 m² of bulletproof and bruglarproof joinery

Execution period : 1st half of 2013

22 Jun2012

Oostcampus on television

Focus-WTV made a brief coverage on "Oostcampus" on the occasion of the official opening on Friday, June 15th.

On behalf of General Contractor CEI-De Meyer, Beddeleem

- Supplied and installed 3.700 m² bubble structures in cast plaster.
- Produced and installed 5 hexagonal clusters with more than 2.000 m² freestanding JB 2000 - 2500 and 4000 relocatable partitions.
- Supplied and installed 1.000 m² plasterboard ceilings and 2.400 m² of mineral fibres ceilings in the clusters.

You can view the coverage via the link to the website of Focus-WTV below.

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07 Jun2012

BEDDELEEM obtains PEFC certificate

The Beddeleem Group wishes to minimize the environmental impact of its activities, products and services.

One of the pillars of this is, in addition to the environmental management system (ISO 14001), the maximum use of Sustainably Exploited Wood with the PEFC label which guarantees the consumer that the wood has its origin in sustainably managed forests.

The Beddeleem Group made a commitment to introduce a "PEFC Chain of Custody" management system in its production facility in Nazareth.

Certificate CTIB-TCHN 1164

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11 May2012

Beddeleem scores 2 MEGA projects in a week!

Pole Star

The Pole Star project is the second phase of an office complex for the new headquarters of GDF Suez - Electrabel at the North Station in Brussels.

This H-shaped building with a total area of 75,000 sqm will accommodate 3,100 staff workers who were previously spread over several sites. This new building is the mirror image of the North Light building in which Beddeleem already installed 14,000 m² of JB relocatable partitions.

In the course of 2012 Beddeleem will install in the Pole Star building :

12,000 m² of JB 2000 Rf00 relocatable partitions
1200 Rf00 glazed units
350 Rf00 door units

2,500 m² of JB 2000 Rf30 relocatable partitions
350 Rf30 glazed units
140 Rf30 door units

800 m² of new JB SKY partitions !
30 JB SKY door units

New Orban

By the end of 2012, the Research Directorate-General of the European Commission will move into the New Orban building located on the square Orban in Brussels.

For this building, with its 24,000 m² offices Beddeleem now got the order for 21,000 sqm of JB 2000 Rf30 partitions and 860 JB 2000 Rf30 doors.

Earlier this year, Beddeleem already started with the installation of 18,000 sqm of JB Cool climate ceilings.


16 Mar2012

Police Tower Bruges

The new police station in Bruges, designed by "Architects Beel & Achtergael - Technum" is a very flexible building that can easily be extended in the future.
The new building will consist of an office complex and a logistics complex. The logistics part will accommodate garages, an archive and a large cell block. The administrative complex will house 150 staff members. The new building will centralize several police departments of Bruges.

In the course of 2012, Beddeleem will install
2800 m² of JB2000 Rf00 relocatable partitions
300 window units at full height Rf00
100 door units at full height Rf00

10 Jan2012

European headquarters of Polo Ralph Lauren in Switzerland

Since 2003, Polo Ralph Lauren has consolidated its various European entities in a European headquarters in Geneva.

Beddeleem will participate in the design of the newly built offices of the headquarters.

Following JB products will be installed :

1,300 m² JB 4000 relocatable partitions and 2,350 m² JB 2000 partitions
105 JB 4000 doors and 32 JB 2000 doors

02 Dec2011

PSA Peugeot Citroën - Vélizy

Beddeleem got the contract for the finishing works in the large R & D center of PSA Peugeot Citroën in Velizy near Paris. This site consolidates all of the group's styling studios and innovation teams.

In the mean time, the works have been started and will end in Mai 2012.

Works :

7.500 m² of mineral fibre ceilings
3.000 m² of JB 2000 relocatable partitions
300 glazed JB 2000 units
120 JB 2000 door units
100 JB DOOR door units

24 Nov2011

Ocean House Zaventem

Beddeleem has been assigned by Befimmo for the complete renovation of the Ocean House in the business park Astra Garden in Zaventem.
The existing building with a total area of approximately 4,000 m², spread over four floors, will be completely stripped and refurbished.
Beddeleem will be responsible for the implementation and coordination of both the demolition and the fit-out.

+ - 4,000 m² of JB CEILING (metal ceilings)
+ - 100 of JB DOOR units
+ - 4,000 m² carpet
All the paintwork
Renewal of all sanitary fittings
The new interior of the hall
HVAC, electricity and even solar panels.

Start of works : November 2011
End of works : February 2012

14 Oct2011

Beddeleem obtains EN ISO 14001 : 2004 certificate

The environmental management system focuses specifically on managing and improving our environmental performance. Through this system we structurally pay attention to the environment.

It focuses on two key principles :

Meet the prevailing laws and regulations and manage the environmental risks.
Strive for continuous improvement in environmental performance in our company.

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12 Aug2011

Residence Palace in Brussels

BEDDELEEM supplies and installs partitions and ceilings for the prestigious project RESIDENCE PALACE in Brussels !

Since 2002 the European Council assembles in the Justus Lipsius building. Because of the entry of many new member states however this building became too small. It was therefore decided to renew and expand block A of the nearby Residence Palace.

In these new headquarters, the offices of the President of the European Council and several delegations (Member States, European Commission, European Parliament, visitors from third countries) will be housed, together with the General Secretariat of the European Council.

At the front of the building there will be a new construction representing a lantern and which will contain the main entrance. This structure will look like a large glass cube whose walls are decorated with a patchwork of old wooden windows from all European countries. The cube will include a volume in which conference rooms, press room, cafeteria, restaurant, ... will be integrated.

In the period August 2011 - July 2013 Beddeleem will carry out following works :

Partitions :
6.000 m² JB 2000 Rf30 relocatable partitions
30.000 m² gipson walls

Ceilings :
11.000 m² gipson ceilings
8.000 m² metal ceilings

31 May2011


To promote the East-Flemish construction companies, AVS has dedicated part of the programme Oost@work to Beddeleem.

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08 Apr2011

UZ Gent

Beddeleem delivered and placed a partition of 350 meters long, in one piece, inside the new pedestrian connection on the campus of Ghent University Hospital.

It is a covered pedestrian bridge connecting several buildings of the campus and will be used by the staff and for the transportation of bedpatients.
The building will be clearly visible both day and night and will be "the backbone" of the campus. In a second step, it wil reach up to the K4 building.

24 Mar2011

Beddeleem goes green !

In the context of a sustainable energy policy and a green image, Beddeleem invests in photovoltaic solar installation of more than 1 Megawatt Peak !!!

The sun, as an inexhaustible source of energy, lies at the root of a lot of forms of renewable energy. From now on we will get all our electricity from solar energy.

The 26,000 m² roof area of our factory in Nazareth will be equipped with more than 5,500 solar panels, representing approximately 1.1 Megawatt Peak power. Meanly 50% will be for own consumption and 50% will be returned to the net.

Duration of work : April - June 2011

11 Mar2011


Beddeleem is using the departure of partner Peter Beddeleem to simplify the structure of the shareholdership. The 25% of shares belonging to Peter Beddeleem are being taken over by the 3 other partners. He wants to look for other horizons outside the firm.

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08 Mar2011


Mid-March Beddeleem started the renovation of the VIVAQUA headquarters located at the St. Michael's Cathedral in Brussels. VIVAQUA is one of the main drinking water producers in Belgium.
Beddeleem will work in temporary with ITB and will also be responsible for the coordination of the techniques.

Works :
5,600 m² of JB FLUSH relocatable partitions with 600 m² in high quality wood veneer
      • 160 pieces JB FLUSH Rf00 door frames
      • 1220 pcs JB FLUSH window frames
Auditorium, meeting rooms, cafeteria
8 kitchenettes
8 lounge furniture
1,250 m² solid oak parquet
300 m² Carrara marble

Budget : 4.5 Mio €
Start of works: March 2011
End of works : June 2011

28 Feb2011

BEDDELEEM also carries out the 2nd phase of the KAM building !

The "Kam" building at the station on the Koning Albert I avenue in Sint-Michiels-Brugge was designed by Eurostation on behalf of the NMBS Holding. The building owes its name to the shape.

It comprises 34.000 m² of offices, underground parking for 800 cars, a bicycle shed for approximately 1000 bikes and a new station entrance.

The tunnels under the platforms, the platforms and canopies itself have been extensively renovated.

The office area will accommodate a number of NMBS services and the Flemish Administration Centre with several civil services.

Commissioned by the THV Antwerpse Bouwwerken-Van Laere, Beddeleem has already carried out following works :

• Plasterboard partitions : 4.000 m ²
• System ceilings : 16.000 m ²
• JB partitions : 6.000 m ²
• JB-door : 50 pcs
• Metal pelmets : 1.600 pieces

Currently, we are carrying out the following works :

• Plasterboard partitions : 3.000 m ²
• System ceilings : 16.000 m ²
• JB partitions : 6.000 m ²
• Metal pelmets : 1.600 pieces

07 Feb2011


The town of Oostkamp is transforming the industrial building of the former Coca Cola site at the Siemens avenue to accommodate its municipal and public welfare services.

The 5.000 m² building will be fully refurbished to a revolutionary concept of the Spanish architect Carlos Arroyo. The multi-disciplinary practice ELD Partnership will be responsible for the project follow up.

The building has a large indoor space in which modular clusters will be placed.
On behalf of General Contractor CEI-De Meyer, Beddeleem will supply and install 3.700 m² bubble structures in cast plaster. There will be 5 hexagonal clusters with more than 2.000 m² freestanding JB 2000 - 2500 and 4000 relocatable partitions.
Beddeleem will also install 1.000 m² plasterboard ceilings and 2.400 m² of metal ceilings in the clusters.

Start of works Beddeleem : April 2011
End of works Beddeleem : December 2011

05 Feb2011

University Ghent - Project Kantienberg

"PPS Kantienberg" is a new students residence for the university of Ghent situated in the centre of Ghent. It offers 715 rooms (129 comfort rooms), a parking, a bicycle shed and a restaurant for 600 students.

Beddeleem furnishes 25.000 m² gipson partitions and 1800 JB DOOR door unnits !

16 Jan2011

MG Tower Ghent

Beddeleem will furnish 5.000 m² gipson partitions, 17.000 m² metal ceilings and 3.000 m² JB COOL climate ceilings for the prestigious "MG Tower" project situated along the E40 highway near Flanders Expo in Ghent.

The tower will become the highest building (27 storeys - 119 m) in Ghent and will offer 20.800 m² offices, 430 underground parking spaces and a bicycle shed for 150 bicycles.

Beginning of the works : September 2011

20 Dec2010

Beddeleem International opens offices in Paris

Beddeleem International has opened a new office for the representation on the french market in the "Pleyel Tower" in the north of Paris.
This office will provide a permanent follow-up of our activities in the field of partitions, metal ceilings and climate ceilings.

25 Oct2010

BEDDELEEM contributes to road safety.

Since late October 2010 one of the trucks of Beddeleem has been equipped with a blind spot warning system. It is a test launched by resigning Secretary for Mobility Etienne Schouppe. The system alerts the driver when cyclists and pedestrians come too close to the truck. If the system works well it could be required on all trucks.

Journal on Eén - 25/10/2010

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06 Oct2010

Bouygues Telcom - Mozart project

Beddeleem has made his first important steps with JB partitions in Paris.

At the end of September, the staff and the management of Bouygues Telecom havec moved into their new offices in the Mozart tower.
Beddeleem supplied 32.000 m² ceilings and 8.000 m² JB relocatable partitions.

The offices have been equipped with a mix of JB 2000 and JB SKY partitions (and 295 door units at full height).
Two management levels have a high quality walnut finishing.

Beddeleem also furnished :
- 100 identical meeting boxes
- 32 round copy and coffee corners
- 35 large meeting rooms
- 20 telephone booths
- 6 cafeterias