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    By establishing the JB OFFICE department, Beddeleem is henceforth providing you the opportunity to fully furnish your project.

    A team with years of experience in the construction sector guides you in an initial phase in setting out a concept appropriate within your company structure: the experience of your office.

    In consultation, concepts are then translated into products, colour and material usage, taking all of your wishes into account.

    JB OFFICE employs the following concept in this regard: WORK.STORE.SIT.FEEL. Four overarching basic notions forming the guiding principle throughout the process.

    The concept of WORK is indispensable in an office environment. This encompasses every form and way of working. Consider for instance working standing, working sitting, concentration, team work, formal/informal meetings, brief consultation and brainstorming.

    Optimal office furnishing provides a blend of these WORK-related forms. It is important here to create an environment that employees experience as INSPIRING, SURPRISING, STIMULATING and DYNAMIC.

    Beddeleem itself has developed a number of products in order to meet these requirements, under the name PRIVATE LABEL, whereby quality and ergonomics are paramount. The JB DESK programme offers numerous set-up options, can be used as a work or meeting table and offers a range of colour and finishing combinations.

    With the right WORK instruments we provided you with a varied, creative, communicative and innovative working environment.